Advantages of WGO clear shower caddy

June 24, 2022

Latest company news about Advantages of  WGO clear shower caddy

Use a picture to tell you the advantages of this wgo clear shower caddy!
By comparing with other shelves on the market, the following parts can be summarized:
1. Shelf part: Our shelf is made of high-quality PET material, which is more stable and not easy to be broken in collisions compared with other cheap and inferior plastic materials.
2. Installation method: In order to make your wall more beautiful, seamless installation is the current trend! No drilling and installation tools are required, only one wgo removable patch can be used to complete the installation easily, and the load bearing after installation is up to 8kg, super firm!
3. Application function: Using the shelf can make your storage more convenient, and the scenes that are no longer messy can also bring you a good mood.
In addition, the wgo clear shower caddy is removable and waterproof, please feel free to use it even in humid conditions!


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